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Patient Testimonials

Dr. Raven took care of my on Feb 1st my blind poodle accidently bite me and i waited two days before going to ER at St Joseph’s Hospital .He was there right away and took care of my hand but my effection was so bad that i had to have surgery… Dr. Raven came highly recommended so it happened on the 4th day when no med or theopy worked.. He did such a great JOB my hand has recovered and doing much.. Thanks to him my hand was saved and I went back to work the best part of this he was my life saver… Thank you Dr Raven for saving me from loosing my hand.

Dr. Raven was a young doctor with an impressive list of credentials and knowledge in hand surgery (elbows, wrist)


Dr. Raven saved my race for me. Three weeks before my Ironman race he took me out of the cast the ER had just put on for a fractured elbow and sent me off to physical therapy. I was able to finish my ironman thanks to his forward thinking and the shot he offered me several days before the race to reduce swelling. He worked with me every step of the way and was quick to respond to any questions I sent through emails. I couldn’t have done it without him and I was glad to have found him. His bedside man is warm and welcoming and if I ever need an orthopedic surgeon (hopefully I don’t) I wouldn’t hesitate to see him again.


I don’t have interactions with any of the doctors here (four in all) except for orthopedic surgeon Dr. Raymond Raven.

Dr. Raven came highly recommended by my general physician when it was determined that my left hand was in need for ligament reattachment surgery. I was given Dr. Raven’s name, address, contact number, and the OSS website to look at prior to my first visit.

Dr. Raven was a young doctor with an impressive list of credentials and knowledge in hand surgery (elbows, wrist, and hand). His specialty is in sports medicine and has a slew of famous athletes as his clients. If he can tend and fix a pro hockey player, he can fix me!

Dr. Raven is one of the top orthopedic surgeons in California (check out his credentials). He’s very kind and was able to rebuild my tattered left hand after a serious hockey accident. In fact I believe my left hand is bionic; good as new with minimal scarring (if any). Barely a scratch and quick recovery was ideal especially when I was anxious to get back to life.